Getting Started – Scripting

Script Suggestions

Your script is the most important element of a successful recruitment campaign. Your message should be clear and simple. Remember, you are selling your company and its benefits. ARI helps you write your script.

 Here are some simple guidelines to writing an effective script:

  • Who are you trying to hire? Determining your audience helps identify the message you want to convey.
  • Keep your message and questions short. The general rule is to offer 5 or less menu options.
  • Be sure to clearly establish length of call or number of questions. This will help reduce incomplete questionnaires. For example: “There are 10 questions for you to answer.”
  • Alert callers about their progress. We call these At-a-Boys/Girls. At-a-Boys/Girls. They tend to reduce callers’ anxiety and increase the speed of completing the questionnaire. These are spoken prior to a question.  For example: “Just a few more questions.” Or “You’re doing great. We’re almost finished.”